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Call for papers

This call for papers aims to challenge and enrich the traditional narrative of migration in Europe, particularly in the Nord region of France, Belgium, and Southern England. The focus is on the social and artistic contributions of migrants, particularly those of Hispanic origin, in shaping the cultural, social, and artistic landscapes of their host countries. The project is guided by fundamental questions designed to probe the depth of the migratory experience and its manifold expressions within these geographical areas. The research is inherently interdisciplinary, involving history, cultural studies, sociology, media studies, and political science. The aim is to foster a rich network of perspectives, shedding light on the myriad ways in which migration influences and is influenced by the cultural, social, and political landscapes of Europe. The call for papers seeks to gather a collection of works that challenge prevailing discourses and celebrate the diversity, creativity, and resilience of migrant communities, with an emphasis on the Hispanic narrative. The aim is to contribute to a more nuanced, empathetic, and comprehensive understanding of migration, acknowledging migrants as vibrant agents of cultural and social transformation.


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and International congress


The Station Marine de Wimereux (Université de Lille) and the 3i University Network are pleased to announce the International Blue Carbon Summer School 2023 held in Wimereux, France, from 26th to 30th of June 2023.
We offer an intensive programme (30h training) with general lectures focused on the carbon stored in coastal and marine ecosystems, so-called Blue Carbon, but also field and experimental demonstrations of C budgets measurements.
This Blue Carbon Summer School 2023 will provide participants a strong knowledge on Carbon budgets and Blue Carbon in coastal areas, to further develop a career in the Blue Economy and/or life sciences.

PhD students, postdoctoral, junior and young scientists coming from all around the world and with diverse backgrounds (ecology, economy, earth sciences, geography, …) are welcome. Members of the partner universities (Ghent Univ., KU Leuven, Kent Univ., Lille Univ.) are particularly encouraged and PhD students will have access to a special discount.

If you are passionate about exploring the challenging role the oceans and seas will have in our future society and you are excited about marine and maritime sciences, the rational or virtuous use of carbon in coastal management and development, then this course if for you!

Hurry up, places are limited to 30 persons only!

For more information, please see the dedicated Webpage:

The British Council in France launched an upscaling and upskilling programme for French, German and British research teams working together bilaterally. The aim is to fund at least six projects for France-UK collaborations. 

You have until the 1st of December 2023 to hand in your application. 


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The 3i University Network is very pleased to announce the launch of a new database that identifies experts on environmental sustainability at our four partner universities (Ghent University, KULeuven, University of Kent and University of Lille). The project to create the database was financed thanks to a call on cross-border collaboration launched by the Straits Committee (

Acces the online database  

The searchable database lists experts by university and key areas of expertise. The goal is to provide potential partners from the public and private sectors with a tool to enable them to find the right person to cooperate with on projects and other initiatives in areas related to the environment and sustainability.

The database will be updated as more experts are identified. If you are from one of the partner universities and would like to be added to the database, please use the ‘Contact us’ link on the database homepage to make a request.

Please do not hesitate to spread the word about the database to potential partners.

05 February 2024

On Thursday, September 28, 2023, the 3i University Network invited individuals from various backgrounds to a convergence of art and health at the Museum Dr. Guislain. Ghent, Leuven, Lille, and Kent universities, collectively known as the "3i University Network," extended a warm welcome to the inquisitive, the interested, and professionals alike for a day filled with discussions, roundtable talks, a convivial lunch, and a reception.

During this gathering, researchers from the universities have shared the latest advancements in the realm of health humanities. This interdisciplinary field brings together scholars, non-governmental organizations, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and the general public to foster positive transformations in the domains of heritage, culture, and overall well-being.

The event promised a pleasant and open atmosphere, encouraging everyone to participate actively by listening, speaking and exploring the diverse intersections of art and health.


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Blue Opportunity and Networking Day

25 May 2022

In the framework of the Marine and Maritime challenges workshop, a parrallel event is organised in Ostend, the Blue Opportunity Day on 6 July 2022. Please find enclosed the programme of this day and do not hesitate to register and meet us next week to discuss possible cooperation between the partners of the 3i University Network, public bodies and companies!

Registrations are still open:

Download the agenda of the day.

First 3i University Network Forum

The 3i University Network is pleased to invite you to its first forum, "Building an interregional agenda for the future", which will occur Tuesday the 14th of June 2022, from 10:00am to 6:00pm. It will take place at the Conseil Régional Hauts-de-France, located at 151 Avenue du Président Hoover, 59000 Lille.


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A cross-border network to tackle regional challenges

June 10, 2022  -  Press release (Download the press release)


21 projects funded to strengthen cross-border collaborations

In order to strengthen collaborations between academics or bring about new ones, a total of 21 projects were selected and funded to a total amount of €200 937. These projects are funded by the I-SITE ULNE Foundation (Lille) and will allow the creation of networks, the organisation of seminars, workshops, symposia, summer schools or working meetings in Lille, Flanders or Kent between September 2021 and March 2022. The financing of these projects also aims to boost cross-border cooperation in order to obtain, in particular, European funding.

Of those projects funded:

  • Three involve members of all four partners of the network

  • Ten involve researchers from three universities in the network

  • Eight plan to involve bilateral collaboration

The projects cover very diverse themes such as history, political science, linguistics, textiles and fashion, migration, art history, literature and the comic book, artificial intelligence and neuroscience, chemistry and catalysis, environmental and energy sciences, healthcare, food security, crises caused by Covid, mining territories, pedagogical innovation, and cross-border trade.

>> Results & press release

3i network: Great success for the « blue park » summer school

From August 30 to September 8, in the premises of the Condition Publique in Roubaix, a summer school, organized jointly by ENSAP Lille, Louvain Catholic University architecture faculties (and its Tournai campus), and KU Leuven (and its Ghent campus), and with the participation of VIVES (Kortrijk social sciences school), gathered 24 students of 11 nationalities, coming from several European institutions (e.g. ETSA Barcelona, TU Wien, Polytechnic University of Turin).
This project is linked with the collective territorial project named “Le parc bleu” long time managed by the founding members of the Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Eurometropolis. Addressed in all its dimensions (from the Seine-Nord canal to streams, wetlands and groundwater), water is seen as the common structure that can bring together cross-border residents around a quality of life, but also environmental, economic, cultural, historical issues. This territorial project, led by an action group of the Eurometropolis, is implemented in a progressive and cumulative way through numerous actions, studies and achievements, including several summer schools, which produce forward-looking visions, imagine transformations and draw new places in relation to water.

For this edition, the students focused on three cross-border situations: Roubaix-Leers (France-Wallonia), Celles-Avelghem (Wallonia-Flanders), and Menen-Halluin (Flanders-France). In addition to the themes of the place of water in the territory, leisure and mobility, which have already been developed, this year they have focused on diversity, through the crucial issue of biodiversity but also of social inclusion, so that the quality of life in the “blue park” is accessible to everyone.
This summer school was an opportunity to deepen knowledge of the territory, through three one-day fieldtrips organized by bike, to open to the public the conferences organized to nurture students' projects, or even to allow the debate between local actors, during the various presentations to the present partners (elected officials, technical services, town planning agency, etc.).

I-Site ULNE foundation (Lille) co-funded this project in the frame of the « 3i network cross-border collaborations » call for projects.

Four online thematic workshops

The 3i Network is organizing four online thematic workshops from June 11 to June 16, 2021. Each session will bring together researchers around a particular theme: Climate & Energy, Communities & Well-Being, Marine & Maritime Challenges and Nutrition & Health.

These workshops are expected to accomplish several goals: allow researchers to meet one another, present the lines of research and strengths in the domain at each partner institution and sketch a plan for future collaboration.

By virtue of their proximity, these four thematic clusters were put forward for cooperation. For each of these clusters (including but not limited to) the three regions will define common challenges.
To receive the link to connect to the workshop, please fill in the registration form (framaform). Due to the limited number of participants, your registration will be processed by the organizer and you will receive the confirmation by email.


Date & time

Nutrition & Health (e.g. diabetes, alcoholism, cancer)

June 11, 2021 - 10am to 12pm (GMT +1)

Communities and Well-being (e.g. migration and refugee studies, vulnerability, inclusion of aging population, mental health) June 11, 2021 - 2pm to 4pm (GMT +1)
Marine & Maritime Challenges (e.g. blue energy, preservation of the coastal environment) June 15, 2021 - 3pm to 4:30pm (GMT +1)
Climate & Energy June 16, 2021 - 2pm to 4pm (GMT 0)