3i Joint call for projects

3i Joint call for projects | 2023 - 2024 [CLOSED]

In 2020 the University of Kent, Université de Lille, KU Leuven and Ghent University established the Interregional Internationalisation Initiative, the 3i University Network. The main goal of the network is to bring together universities, regional governments and the private sector/civil society to work on challenges common to Flanders, Kent and the Hauts-de-France. By virtue of their proximity, the three regions share challenges in a number of areas, including, but not limited to

  • Marine and maritime questions (blue energy, preservation of the coastal environment…)
  • Climate and energy (net zero, sustainability, energy security etc)
  • Nutrition and health (sustainable, healthy alternative food sources, …)
  • Communities and well-being (migration and refugee studies, vulnerability and inclusion of ageing populations and people with disabilities, …).

In order to enhance cooperation between the 3i-partners, the members of the 3i University Network have decided to put out a second call for proposals for collaborative projects. As the first call, this second call aims to support academic staff of the four partners who want to increase their cross-border collaborations with the specific goal of submitting joint project applications for larger grants.

Maximum funding available per project: €10.000 per project of the 3i University Network.

  • Total budget available for this call is 60.000€.
  • Deadline: 1st December 2023, 11.00 am, Paris time
  • Publication of the results: December

Find out more about this call here:

Application form

3i joint call 2023 context and rules

Results and funding

3i Joint call for projects 2023 - 2024 

Total budget available: 60.000€ - A total of 7 projects funded


3i Joint call for projects 2022 - 2023 

Total budget available: 40.000€ - A total of 6 projects funded

3i Joint call for projects 2021 - 2022 

Total budget available: 200.937€ - A total of 21 projects funded