Reframing Journeys: Ibero-American Migration and Cultural Dialogues in Europe's Changing Landscape

Call for papers and International congress

In a world where migration intricately interweaves with the socio-political fabric of nations, understanding the kaleidoscope of narratives stemming from these global movements becomes crucial. Europe, especially in the Nord region of France, Belgium, and Southern England, has seen a discourse often skewed towards security and crisis management, shadowing the migrants' role as active societal members. "Reframing Journeys" aims to shift this narrative, spotlighting the vibrant yet often overlooked social and artistic contributions of migrants.

Migration transcends mere movement; it's a complex interplay of narratives, identities, and cultures. With Europe at the migration dynamics' epicentre, particularly in regions rich in social and political diversity, delving into migrants' stories becomes imperative. The Ibero-American migration, with its rich cultural heritage, offers unique insights, especially within the mentioned regions known for their distinct social and artistic impacts.

This congress seeks to illuminate the migrants' contributions, particularly focusing on Hispanic origins, in redefining the cultural, social, and artistic landscapes of their host countries. Through literature, cinema, art, media, and social initiatives, we aim to uncover the complex experiences underpinning mainstream migration discourse.

Call for Papers

Themes & Questions:

  • Artistic Forms and Media: Exploration of migrants' preferred artistic mediums and their roles in expression and cultural exchange.
  • Audience Engagement: Understanding the dynamics between migrant creators and their audiences.
  • Intersecting Dimensions: Analysing the confluence of political, social, and artistic dimensions in migrant work.
  • Policy Relations: Investigating the relationship between migrant artistic expressions and policy-making.


To construct a multifaceted understanding of migration, recognising the profound influence of cultural and artistic contributions by migrants. This congress is not just an academic venture but a journey to grasp the essence of migration and its deep societal and cultural impacts.

Interdisciplinary Approach:

We invite diverse methodological approaches, including qualitative analyses of artistic works, ethnographic studies, and quantitative research on audience reception and policy impact. Our goal is to build a comprehensive network of perspectives highlighting how migration shapes and is shaped by Europe's cultural, social, and political landscapes.


Join us in this scholarly exploration of migration narratives, expressions, and impacts, with a special focus on Hispanic movements. We aim to celebrate the diversity, creativity, and resilience of migrant communities, contributing to a nuanced and empathetic understanding of migration as a transformative force.


  • Abstract Submission: Friday, 5 April
  • Notification: By the end of April
  • Full Article Submission: Friday, 26 July


Submission Guidelines:

Submissions should align with the congress themes, including a 300-word abstract detailing research focus, methodology, and anticipated contributions, alongside a brief biographical note and relevant publications list.



English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.



For more information and submission guidelines, please reach out to reframingjourneysgmailcom